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Genetics Society

Welcome to The KCL Genetics society! 

We are a group of individuals passionate about all things Genetics and would love to share our passion with you! 

Open to everyone, we offer a range of activities and events throughout the year to meet everyone's needs!


Feeling intellectual? Attend our KCL genetics lecture series, with topics ranging from epigenetics and neuroscience, to deciphering the genomes of triple negative breast cancers. We plan to host at least 15 free talks throughout the year, which are perfect for networking and learning something new and exciting!

Feeling social? Meet some gene-uine people at our Genetic Pub Quiz nights or free mini golf! 

Want to get involved? We are always looking for people become more involved through out the year, with positions such as a common year one representatives! It's a great way to add to your CV and meet some of the top people in genetics right now!


Give us a 'like' on facebook, follow our new twitter and instagram, and purchase a cheeky £2 membership to keep up to date with our events and socials :)

So if you’ve inherited an interest for genetics, join us and have some fun!







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