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Creative Writing Society

The King’s College Creative Writing Society provides a home for the university's writers, offering support, feedback, inspiration and companionship. Here are some of the things we do:


Weekly Meetings

We meet twice a week: once to share our writing for group feedback and advice (the Reading Meeting), and once to hang out and write together with prompts and games (the Writing Meeting). No matter what your level of skill in writing, everyone is welcome! Our meetings serve as a friendly, non-judgemental forum in which to develop your abilities - whether you're already an experienced novelist, or you've never written so much as a single short story, please do come along! All you need is an interest in writing, and a desire to hone it.


Meeting times for 2019/20 Term 1:

Reading Meetings - Tuesday 6pm

Writing Meetings - Thursday 6pm



We also organize social events throughout the year - film screenings, games nights and pub trips, and potentially some more special things like author talks. As well as helping our members improve as writers, we work hard to provide friendship within the group, through the weekly meetings as well as the social events - if you're new to the university, and want to meet some fellow creative types, you need only turn up and join in.



We offer the opportunity for our members to become published authors in our yearly publication! Over the last few years we have published a few books: a collaborative thriller novel titled Fostering Guilt (; Night’s Dew, an anthology of writing on the theme of dreams (; Voices, an anthology of writing from 2018/19 (; and we should have two new anthologies coming out this year!

This year, we will also be sharing our favourite members' work online (with their permission, of course ;)) in the monthly spotlight section of our website.



If you have any work you wish to polish--whether you are aiming for a competition or a shot at publication or you simply want some personal feedback and advice--you can send your work in to our society editor, who will help you make your writing the best it can be.

We also host frequent 'Writing Swaps' where people can send longer pieces of their writing to have them read by other people in the society! 


Sounds goood. Tell me more...

Our weekly email newsletters are the font of all knowledge, so if you want to hear all the details, including event plans and top secret meeting locations, click here and hit 'send' and we'll add you to the email list, and all the knowledge shall be yours. :)

If you're feeling technical, read our constitution for more information about what we do, and follow us on Facebook for current updates.

Or, if you're ready to sign up, purchasing membership for the year will allow you to attend all the meetings, use the editing service, contribute to our publications, and get the occasional cheeky subsidized social. As a side effect, it will also help us to not be bankrupt! Yay for financial stability!


Meet the committee:



It is I, Giovanna the omniscient President.

I am a second-year Comparative Literature student who wants to expand the Creative Writing Society’s connections with the publishing/editing world and provide more opportunity for international students.

I love writing in all its synaesthetic forms - stories, song, theatre, podcast, radio, journalism. I am bi and bilingual and can usually be found haunting the Strand Campus; if by chance you spot me (or you have any questions at all about the society, of course), do not hesitate to make contact. Caution: My hair color may have changed by then.

Hey guys! I am your treasurer Lea and here to handle our finances. Besides being quite good with money, I am also a voracious reader and passionate writer. Writing is my favourite way of expression and a form of art that allows me to channel my creativity. Furthermore I love the magical feeling of opening a good book and being absorbed by the story within, whether it's a story written by a famous author or by you.


Social Secretary 

- We are looking for someone to fill the position of Social Secretary this year! 

Hey everyone! I’m Tess and I’m your Vice President :)

I’m a third-year Comparative Literature with Film Studies student and my writing these days mainly consists of poetry and short plays. My goal for the Creative Writing Society is to build new connections with the “outside world”, as scary and exciting as it may sound.

I think it’s important for everyone to feel included in the society as we are a community, a large family, that comes together sharing different ideas and styles under the same roof; it is really its diversity that makes the society so great.

P.S. If you see me around Strand please please come and say hi (I’m always in need of a big hug)!

Hi, I’m Annie, a second year English student and your editor this year.

I decided I wanted to be an author at age four and had my first publishing rejection when I was ten years old (it was deserved: the story was terrible). My two remaining brain cells think writing is the best form of catharsis there is, so I’m super excited to be your editor and to be more involved in the society that I loved so much last year.



  • Creative Writing Society Standard Membership£4.00
  • Creative Writing Society Associate Membership (Non-students)£4.00

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