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Ahlul Bayt Society


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The Ahlul Bayt Society is A Muslim society set up to spread the message of humanity, morals and faith as taught by the ‘Ahlul Bayt’, which are the Prophet and his holy family. Through a variety of charity, social and faith-related events, the Ahlul Bayt Society allows people of all backgrounds and personalities to work towards personal development and the betterment of society as per Islamic teachings. Such events include discussion circles, lecture events, social dinners and sports events.

Through weekly discussion circles, members have the opportunity to discuss issues that affect them at university and as members of society, whether these be issues of faith or otherwise. Following such discussions with group prayers helps to also enhance and develop spirituality within the group.

Social events are another key aspect of the Ahlul Bayt Society, with our Fresher’s Social and the annual KCL ABSoc Football Tournament being amongst last year’s highlights, which we suggest you keep an eye out for this year! Our lecture events feature renowned religious speakers from around the country and cover a variety of issues, ranging from religion and faith to current affairs and politics, meaning there’s sure to be an event for everyone.

This society not only acts as a platform for people to better themselves religiously, but also provides a group of friends that many in the Ahlul Bayt Society have grown to cherish.

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