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Urdu is the 10th most spoken language in the world, and is heard in the voices of over 250 million people worldwide. Urdu is not just a Pakistani language, or an Indian language - but a global language and that is exactly what King's College London Urdu Global Forum is about - home away from home for Urdu and non-Urdu speakers

The Indo-Aryan language is spoken in its many forms and dialects in Pakistan, India, Bangladesh, Nepal, Afghanistan, the Gulf, Persia and in the UK, USA and so many more countries. It truly has its captivating embrace around the entire globe.

Urdu is the ornament of the East and immerses its speakers in a breathtaking cascade of history and rich culture that has upheld these regions for centuries. Our mission at Urdu Global Forum is to create a safe space for Urdu and non-Urdu speakers who have a shared love for the Urdu language by hosting exciting and refreshing events such as:

  • Urdu Poetry Evenings (Mushairey)
  • Urdu Book Club
  • Pottery painting and arts 'n' crafts with UGF
  • Taster session of Urdu - for beginners or little-to-no experience (you're still invited if you're a pro!)
  • Historical exhibition of Urdu through the ages
  • Panel speaker events with Urdu, Indo-Aryan and linguistic academics of the East
  • Movie nights (Urdu movies of course!)
  • Quiz and games nights
  • Our huge suprise event at the end of the year!

... and SO MUCH MORE!

We understand fully that we are living in the multicultural and diverse city of London, and no better than in the heart of London, at KCL, would it be to have our own Urdu Global Forum community - one that thrives itself on celebrating the language with our fanatstic line up of events and also helping you to excel in your career and CV by learning how to apply Urdu and multilingual skills into your skillset. We're here to make sure you have a great time at university and beyond!

Follow us on our Instagram ( and join our WhatsApp group chat for further updates!

Lots of Du'as and mohabbat,

Urdu Global Forum Executive Committee 23/24 <3



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