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KCL Life Sciences Consulting and Careers Society


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About us:

We are the first life science society to connect KCL students directly to professionals who will guide them to their desired careers!

  • Consultancy
  • Patent Law
  • Healthcare IB
  • Pharmaceutical Management

Aim of our society:

Our aim is to connect bioscience students directly to many possible career choices, focusing on life science oriented consulting, management, and more! Events which take place include panels where experts in the field talk about their jobs. This will enable you to build connections in your field of choice. Other events include working on CV workshops, case studies and internship/job applications.

Our USP (unique selling point):

We will be the first life sciences consulting and career-specific society to run at KCL. Careers within the life sciences are areas that there is not much information on the internet for and through our society we can enlighten and encourage students to have a look into careers they were not aware of before.

Our core activities:

  1. We aim to host events in big lecture theatres where speakers from each of these different life sciences sectors will be able to come and give talks/ presentations with Q&A sessions to learn more about their roles and what kind of work they do
  2. We will be providing CV and cover letter workshops as well as interview and psychometric test advice through connections with consultants who have experience providing services in these areas.
  3. We will be going on office visits to different firms/ industries throughout the year so that members of our society can learn exactly what a day in the life might be like in these positions and to provide useful insight day experience for them
  4. Case study competitions and case workshops on life sciences-specific topics


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