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English Society


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Welcome to English, where we seek to enrich the whole student's academics, career and employability, and relaxing social opportunites: a work/life balance is important.

Academic: Working alongside the curriculum, we will work hard to support your present course with our podcast and support sessions with fellow students. Literary Theories and Medieval literature getting you down? Sit with us with some tea to find relief and chats today! Our team will be working hard to collect insights from you and understand your struggles and help alleviate some fo that heavy reading.

Careers and Employability: We will ease you into careers, as we know it is difficult as a humanities student to approach the subject of employability. Think: career's fairs, chats with professors, insight into related sectors, and a support system to relieve any anxiety you may have by our capable career's officer. 

Social Life: We hear you! Parties and Balls will finally grace the English Department this year, remain tuned for opportunites to add to your volunteering repertoire as well as indulging in the enchanting opportunities to dress up this year. Cozier events organised by our Wellbeing Lead will also be on offer.

Interested in English but not on the course? We see you~ Come along to topic talks that interest you, book swaps and book blind dates to get in touch with your literary side.

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