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Leadership Theory and Practice


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Welcome to LTP!


We're a community of students sharing an interest in leadership. We host conversations on global leadership issues and explore how to turn them into local action.

Negotiation, charisma, strategy... there's so many different skills associated to leadership that are useful in everyday life. We will explore a wide range of skills, theories, and case studies to help us better understand what leadership is and how to use it effectively.

The idea is to make it interesting wether you'd like to lead others or not!

But that's not all (wink wink). We're also planning plenty of great socials and parties to blow off some steam while meeting new people.

What is LTP Society?

We bring together students from different tracks to talk about leadership. Our goal is to solve real leadership issues through education (theory) and ‘good strategy’ (practice). Each year, we select one United Nations Sustainable Development Goal (UNSDG) and evaluate how leadership can bring about change at King's.
This year, we are addressing the Gender Equality Goal (UNSDG 5) and specifically target 2: to eliminate violence against women.
We're not just an academic society, or just an activist society: we're a society in which students from completely different tracks come to find answers on what leadership means to them. That diversity is our strength.

Why do we exist?

We exist because student leadership and its potential are generally underrated: we know what ambitious and driven students are capable of when given the means. But there are many barriers to leadership in today's world, so we hope to reduce some of them by learning about what it is.


If you have no interest in leading, that's fine! Learning about leadership is a great way of better supporting the leaders in your life and contributing more effectively to the causes that matter to you.

How to get involved?

From theory classes to practice sessions (and our amazing social events), there's plenty to do within LTP.

If you want to only attend our socials, that's fine! The people you'll meet there and the conversations you'll have will make it worth it.

Beyond that, our theory classes are sure to help you shape the way you think and improve your understanding of leadership.

Finally, the practice side of LTP is for those students committed to creating a positive change at King's by putting leadership theories into practice.


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