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KCL Speak Up


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KCL Speak Up is a society we formed to catalyse conversation about topics and issues that we as students have experienced in order to create a tight-knit community that evokes change through these discussions. 

We want the student body to be involved in causes greater than us, by researching, writing, and speaking up. This may be issues that the students have gone through themselves, or an issue that only a small percentage of individuals face. This will inspire us as a community to interact with new individuals who have an interesting stories to tell, surrounding discussions that go in depth, beyond ordinary thinking

What do we aim to do as a society?

Our society aims to give space for people with different interests to employ and exercise them: we want to give our members a platform where they can write about topics of interests and social issues for the newsletter; public speaking, while involving our members in conducting the session, and interaction with guests during our live events.

Our Events

Your Voice: We plan to host an event called  ‘KCL Your Voice’, which will give King’s students a platform to come up and share their stories with the rest of the student body. It will encourage, and normalize conversation on several subjects such as ethnicity, disability, harassment and other issues if our students get to hear about the experiences of their fellow peers. Furthermore, it gives an individual the opportunity to get up on a stage and “Speak Up”, and share their experiences, and challenges. The stories shared will perform to be a catalyst for bigger change within our community at Kings.This will also give an identity to a smaller community, enabling us to share our wounds with an audience. The ability to feel safe for a discussion regarding any subject, in front of our community, is our aim with this activity.

The Spectrum: The Speak Up society invites students of different beliefs onto a panel to share their opinions, and hopefully, reach a middle ground. These topics may vary from Indian and Pakistani students discussing the conflict, to conversations amongst students with opposing beliefs discussing in front of an audience.

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