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GKT Acute Internal Medicine Society


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Do you enjoy the exciting environment of acute care? Do you like seeing a variety of medical conditions? Or maybe you're interested in medicine but haven't narrowed down to a speciality yet?
If yes, then GKT Acute Internal Medicine Society is for you!


Upcoming event: Welcome Quiz & Pizza Night - Tuesday 19th September, 6:30pm, A3 West Wing, Guy's Campus. Come meet the committee and other students interested in internal med whilst participating in a fun general knowledge quiz. Please fill out this form so we can get an idea of numbers for food:


We're here to introduce students to this relatively new medical speciality as well as foster any interest in internal medicine as a whole. This is what you can expect from us throughout the year: 

  • Career insight into internal medicine and acute care
  • Online teaching and revision series tailored to clinical stages
  • Exclusive access to revision material via our newsletter and Instagram
  • In-person workshops (basic and advanced life support, A-E scenarios, Mock OSCEs)
  • Outreach opportunities to aid prospective medical students get into medicine
  • Social and wellbeing events

Sign up to our mailing list here and get your free membership to receive a full MBBS condition list split by blocks covered from year 2 to 5. You will also receive revision material, shadowing opportunities and the latest in internal medicine news!

Get involved if you have an interest in internal medicine or acute care at all, no matter your subject of study.



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