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Wholesome Society

Wholesome Soc and Chill - Image with Girl that is Relaxing

What is Wholesome Society?

Don't worry, we get that a lot.

We are a new society, hoping to create a space for people to find new means to interact aside from the very hectic social environment found at university. The promise of Wholesome Society’s activities is never to push people too far out of their comfort zones or make them feel pressured to partake in activities they would wish not to.

What do we do?

For the upcoming term, most events will be held online on our Discord server (coming soon). There we'll play casual online games, host film nights and chat about our interests. We also hope to start a program where we learn a new skill together each month and share our progress on the server. If you are unfamiliar with Discord we'll try our best to make resources available, to make it accessible to all.

Last year we held all sorts of fun in-person events, check out our Instagram Story highlights for more details.

What does membership get you?

Traditionally membership would cover costs for arts and crafts materials and snacks. As term 1 is a little exceptional, membership will get you access to members only chats and flashy titles on the Discord channel. The money earned in that manner will go towards upgrading the Discord server (eg. better Audio Quality, more Emotes).

What else is in store?

We're looking into organising weekly 30 minute calls with the elderly, who are experiencing loneliness. More infomation will be released once we have had the chance to meet you all online!

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Silver Society Award



  • Wholesome Society Associate Membership£1.00
  • Wholesome Society Standard Membership£1.00