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The International Society of Behavioural Economics

We are the International Society of Behavioural Economics. Our aim is to spread the knowledge of behavioural economics among students of King’s College London, encourage them to engage with this field and develop practical ways of employing the concepts of behavioural economics in their countries. We aspire to push these ideas outside the Anglo-American context and provide future politicians with ideas of how they can tailor their ideas so that they yield greater results at a low cost.

Any person who likes Economics, Psychology, or both is welcome. No previous knowledge is required but recommended if potential members want to understand what other members bear in mind when raising field-related questions. The society also may attract those who want to protect the environment, fight poverty and gain insights in finance.


  • The International Society of Behavioural Economics Associate Membership£5.00
  • The International Society of Behavioural Economics Standard Membership£5.00