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Universal Knowledge

Knowledge is like a very big and old tree, where every single branch is somehow connected to another. Discovering the branches has kept us busy for quite a few hundred years; it is now time to find the connections to start rebuilding the tree in its actual entirety.

Universal Knowledge Society aims to show how cross-disciplinary thinking is crucial in innovation in today’s world. Indeed, the 21st-century average individual is hyper-specialized and has very little knowledge of what’s outside his/her own field; we want to show that it is crucial in today’s world to think with more universality. Ultimately, the objective is to bring thinkers, whatever their background may be, together again to learn, share and innovate.

We plan on organizing conferences to show how cross-disciplinary approach has already been exploited before: how mathematics and computer science have revolutionized music, how anthropological studies are having a huge impact on economic theories; how artificial intelligence is shaping the political world of tomorrow...

We will organize workshops where students would directly experience this cross-disciplinary approach and its benefits. This will consist of problem-solving activities with various types of problems with students coming from different disciplines would collaborate. Problem-solving is enjoyable but it’s even more fascinating when dealing with real problems, which solutions when found, could lead to actual actions. The society will interact with consultants to provide with real cases for our workshops.

Last but not least, the society’s key concept is that good ideas come from everywhere, and of course, from everyone; so do not hesitate to reach out if you wish to contribute to the project!

Universal Knowledge Society is immensely grateful to King's Entrepreneurship Institute for their trust and support in our work. 



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