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Korean Hallyu

Welcome to KCL Korean Hallyu Society!

With the expansion of the Korean entertainment industry and growing connectivity across international media platforms, the Korean cultural wave has never been stronger, and we are definitely feeling the effects at King's!

To celebrate the passion we have for K-Pop, Korean Films and Dramas, Fashion, Food, and the very rich heritage of Korean culture, KCL Hallyu offers you a place to meet like-minded people and share your thoughts, make new friends, and form memories that will stick with you beyond your university life.

We promote an open, welcoming and diverse environment that is inclusive to all, regardless of race, religion, gender or sexuality. So if you are a veteran or a rookie, hard-core stan or just testing the waters, join in! You have a place with us.

We have a jam-packed line up for the year ahead...

  • Screenings: Gather to watch hit K-Dramas and movies, and suffer from that second male lead syndrome! 
  • Restaurant Outings: Discover new Korean resturaunts around London, and don't miss out on the Hallyu tradition of K-BBQ+Karaoke
  • Karaoke: Put on your idol caps and get ready to sing your socks off (often proceeded by Soju)
  • K-Pop Dance: Join our recreational K-Pop dance workshops to learn the moves to your favourite songs - all abilities welcome! Ready to hit the stage? Become part of our official dance team Hi-Rise to perform at events and even compete against other universities.
  • Concerts: With more and more artists coming to perform in London, such as GOT7 and Jay Park, the society will keep you updated with ticket release dates & concert info. Tired of always going alone? Join us!
  • Clubbing: Don't miss out on the thriving London K-Pop/Hip-Hop club scene. We will keep you updated with K-Pop clubbing events in London and get together for those lit party nights!
  • Collaborations: We are all about getting together and making new connections, so prepare yourself for collab events with other societies both inside of KCL, and other universities. 

And if we still missed out on something you are dying to see, then get in touch with a member of the committee - we are here for you!

Follow us on instagram @kclhallyu for more information and to keep up to date on upcoming events.

Sign up and ride the wave. Fighting!


  • Korean Hallyu Associate Membership£5.00
  • Korean Hallyu Standard Membership£5.00