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KCL Liberal Democrats


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The KCL Liberal Democrats represent the views of liberals and Liberal Democrats at King's. We are an official chapter of the Liberal Democrats and will be actively campaigning for the party, but we encourage anyone who identifies with liberal and progressive values and parties the world over to join. Events have included talks, protests, debates, visits to Parliament and the National Liberal Club, and many, many socials.

We welcome people of all faiths, nationalities, and backgrounds who share in our political views.

We are:

  • The fastest growing political society at King's (over 80% growth in the past year);
  • The most fervently internationalist and cosmopolitan political society at King's;
  • Deeply committed to the advancement of the equality and effective freedom of all persons;
  • Building an extensive network with party chapters in London and student liberal assocations across the UK and internationally;
  • Committed in our beliefs! Don't let them tell you we're fence-sitters or 'Yellow Tories'!

Come along and meet us! Many of our meetings consist of chatting about global and UK politics and ideology over a cup of tea or a drink; we'd love to have you.

You can get in touch in a variety of ways - through our email ([email protected]), or on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram. Our username is kcllibdems on every service! Alternatively, contact our president directly via email at [email protected].

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