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Nepalese Society


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Whether you're a Nepalese student seeking a sense of home away from home or a student interested in learning about Nepal and our culture, NepSoc is a welcoming and nurturing community where you can grow academically, personally and socially. Join us on a journey of growth, cultural enrichment, and community, and together, let's continue to grow and enjoy life at university!

Throughout the year, we hold bi-weekly events including both inter-university and inter-society events. Our events range from cultural events like Dashain to fun community-building events like bowling. If you're a fresher or are interested in joining us, here are a few events to look forward to: Our fresher's Meet and Greet and Momo night, inter-university events like our Dashain boat party and sports day, and general activities like bowling, ice skating and karaoke night.

What we offer:

-    Cultural Celebration: We take pride in organizing various cultural events and celebrations that showcase the beauty of Nepal's rich heritage. From colourful festivals like Dashain and Tihar to traditional dance performances and food festivals, we create opportunities for our members to immerse themselves in Nepalese culture.

-    Cultural Exchange: We believe that cultural exchange is a two-way street. Our society actively promotes interactions between Nepalese students and the broader student body, creating a platform for cross-cultural understanding and friendship.

-    Social Gatherings: We organize regular social gatherings, outings, and recreational activities to provide a break from the rigours of academic life. These events not only offer relaxation but also strengthen the bonds within our community.

If you're interested in joining us, click the links below for more information :)



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