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Modern Music Society

Welcome to The Modern Music Society

The society is aimed at anyone who has an interest in post-1900 music or those who are looking to experience a new way of playing and hearing music. The society is comprised of a sinfonietta and chamber groups that vary according to the repertoire and perform regularly in concerts throughout the year. The group encourages composers to join as we make a point of engaging with works written from the college’s own students, along with encouraging writing on modern music through our frequent newsletters. The society hopes to take fear out of the word 'modern' when applied to the arts. 


Mailing List 

To join our mailing list please email [email protected] with the subject title ‘Mailing List’ 


As a member of the society and a part of the mailing list, you will receive bi-weekly news letters that will detail everything happening with the MMS over the coming weeks and also provide an opportunity for publication of new writings on all facets of modern music. Similarly, through our mailing list, you will also receive emails detailing performances of modern music in London and surrounding areas, as well as other modern music-related events. 


Projects and Widening Participation 

Widening Participation

Through the year there will be a variety of opportunities to promote music through educational concerts and widening participation events with people outside of KCL. With the Modern Music Society entering into a partnership with surrounding schools and music schemes to aid students in their music studies through helpful sessions. If you are interested in getting involved with any of these schemes keep an eye on our newsletter and facebook page or alternatively email [email protected] with the subject title ‘Widening Participation’.


Ensembles and Auditions 

We have a variety of ensembles to get involved in with the MMS, from a plethora of small chamber ensembles to our larger group, our Sinfonietta.



 Functions as a modern symphony orchestra, with a focus on repertoire composed post-1900 with rehearsals taking place on Tuesday evenings in MB4.2 (formerly Tutu's) on the Strand. Auditions for the Sinfonietta will take place from the 23rd-25th of September. To audition, come with one piece of self-selected repertoire (preferably post-1900) and one of the orchestral excerpts found at :


Sign up for a Sinfonietta audition at:



The MMS will also be open to pitches for new ensembles that will receive some financial support throughout the year and a wider variety of performance opportunities. We are also happy to accept applications from people who wish to start an ensemble but do not yet have all the players, as we are able and happy to help with locating extra players.

Ensemble Pitch Form:



MMS holds regular concerts throughout the year both at King’s and elsewhere in London. Each semester hosts at least two concerts - one concert focused on newly-composed music or smaller-scale repetoire with our chamber groups, and a larger concert featuring the MMS Sinfionetta. Lunchtime concerts and smaller performances can additionally be held throughout the year if players are keen to do so. There is also the opportunity to get involved in the annual piano concert which will be taking place in February, the players and repertoire for which will be planned through the weekly pianist's workshops.


Pianist and Composer Workshops 


Practical Piano Workshop will run every other Thursday evening on the Strand Campus - or online via Zoom - and will provide an opportunity for pianists of all abilities to meet and workshop many skills that are required in a modern pianist, with workshops with professionals happening throughout the year to develop an awareness of extended techniques and other piano related abilities. For more information about these workshops email [email protected] with the subject ‘Piano Workshop’ and look out for further information on social media and in our newsletter.


Composer Workshops will also take place mostly on the Strand Campus or online via Zoom, every other Friday evening - in weeks without Piano Workshops - giving attendees the chance to learn, develop, and discuss technical and expressive elements of composition with fellow composers. These workshops will culminate in a concert held during semester 2 in which composers can have one of their chamber pieces performed, providing the oppurtunity for the workshops' teachings to be put into action. On top of this, the occasion may arise for composers to submit new works to be workshopped by two professional composers. If you are interested in this, look out for further information on social media and the newsletter. 


Socials and Wellbeing

We have many socials throughout the year, both directly related to modern music and others being more relaxed gatherings of society members. To hear about the socials subscribe to our mailing list and follow us on social media. 


Also, throughout the year the MMS will be holding a series of wellbeing initiatives, from Alexander technique workshops to workshops on dealing with performance anxiety. Through exam seasons MMS will also be holding regular wellbeing socials where many more topics will be explored. 


From all of us here at the modern music society, we would like to thank you for reading our page and hope to see you at many of our events throughout the year!!



KCL Modern Music Society

President - Harry Pope

Treasurer - Jess Cole

Secretary - April West

Musical Director - William Douglas

Piano Director - Phoebus Kyriakoudis

Composition Director - Alex Li

Outreach Officer - Samuel Teale Chadwick


  • Modern Music Society Associate Membership (Non-students)£3.00
  • Modern Music Society Standard Membership£3.00

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