Event Description

Sunday 01 December 2019

7:30pm - 9pm

Tutu's (MB 4.2) Macadam Building Surrey St, London WC2R 2NS


£5.00 (Member)
£7.00 (Non-Members)


Martin Crimp’s Attempts On Her Life debuted in 1997, at the end of a century, which saw significant global changes, not least, the proliferation of mass media and global capitalism. Twenty years on, with the rise of social media and increased political turmoil, Crimp’s reflection on society seems even more relevant.
Confronting all aspects of modern society, from pornography and ethnic violence, to terrorism and unprotected sex, Attempts is very dark, absurd, and funny. The text can be read as a bold criticism of the media machine, its enthusiasm for constructing narratives and picking individuals’ personas apart, and the absurdity of ubiquitous bureaucracy. Further, with an acute sense of identity politics, Crimp presents the struggle of defining one’s sense of self and, perhaps, ultimately suggesting that coherent identity is a myth.



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