Event Description

Tuesday 04 June 2024

9:30am - 3:30pm

Lecture Theatre 1 New Hunt's House, Guy's Campus


The arrival of May and summer just round the corner means it is time to start thinking ahead to the first part of Community Leaders Training. This is the first part of your training in your journey into becoming a well-rounded leader! As a President or Treasurer it is compulsory for you to attend training, so make sure you read below!

What and why?
If you’ve been elected as a Community Leader, the training programme we offer sets you up with the skills and knowledge you’ll need to ensure your group/community runs smoothly and successfully. May marks the start of CLT, but this will continue throughout the summer (online) and in Term 1 we will have another in person session (more info below).

In part 1 of training, we will cover:

  • Funding opportunities
  • How to manage your group finances
  • How to generate income for your group through partnerships
  • What is risk and why should I care about it?
  • How to build a compelling online presence
  • How to run an event with a visiting speaker
  • What skills you will gain as a Community Leader and how these can help you in your career?

Attendance is free but you will require a ticket (more in the how section). Since this is a full day event (timings in the when section) we will be providing refreshments and food for everybody in the in person sessions!


The dates we will be running training are:

As a president or treasurer you are required to attend one of the three available training dates.

We strongly encourage you to attend in person wherever possible, in order to benefit from networking with one another and meet the KCLSU and King’s staff you’ll be working with over the year.


Since we know you might have some questions we have compiled a mini FAQ for you: 

  • What if I can't attend?

You are required to attend at least one of the three possible sessions, so we ask that you do your best to be able to attend. If you are unable to attend your compulsory training will need to be completed over the summer via KEATS.

  • I've already been a community leader, do I need to attend training again?

Yes. Even if you've been a community leader before, we have listened to your feedback and worked hard to devise new sessions and new activities this year. Plus, some of our processes and policies are new and improved, so we will be new for everyone!

  • Can other members of our committee attend training?

Yes, other community leaders will be able to attend training and we always encourage you to attend as it is of great value for your development and relationship building!

  • What happens if I don't attend training?

Attending training unlocks your group's permissions and ability to begin, or continue, functioning as a group. For example, once a group's President and Treasurer have attended and completed training, your group will be able to access Soldo card rights!

  • What if I have more questions after training?

There will be an opportunity for you to ask questions throughout training as well as during the networking sessions or breaks that will take place on the day. We will also have a QR code for you to submit any questions throughout the day that we will send an FAQ form after training with answers. You are also able to find all the relevant information to your groups on the Community Leaders Hub here.

If you still can’t find your answer, email us on [email protected].

  • I have a severe allergy to X food, what do I do?

Please ensure that when you purchase your ticket you mention this on your dietary requirements.

  • What if I booked one session but can no longer make it?

If you can’t make it on the day you originally booked, we recommend you book the next date available to you! If you aren’t able to commit to a specific day, you are able to turn up on the day but unfortunately we cannot guarantee a space for you as well as refreshments, so we recommend booking ahead!

  • I have an accessibility requirement. / My circumstances do not allow me to attend in person training.

We will be sending out an accessibility document closer to the time to all ticket holders to let you know on all the information about the day, venue, food, etc. If you believe we have not met your needs, please email us on [email protected] to ensure we can have the right accommodations for you.




At KCLSU, our students’ safety is a priority. Click here for more information about how we keep you safe on our premises.

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