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Candidate for the position of Doctor Who Society - President



Free Bourbons 4 Everyone!!! Vote me as your president for the planet Galli-Slay in the constellation of Kunt-sterborous

As the current reigning president of the society, I have been able to increase the Doctor Who fandom within Kings and have made more people aware of the society’s existence. I have also managed to greatly improve the number of attendees that have bought memberships and come to screenings regularly.

Next year, I would love to continue to be President as Doctor Who has been a significant part of my life as I thoroughly enjoy it and I'm a massive nerd! Like this year, I vow to continue to pick slayful episodes (and less Tom Baker) and to continue getting pissed with you all and having a laugh. I would also like to have even more social gatherings and to focus on funding events so that more people can come together and talk about the show that we love. I also want to get more people involved in the committee and decision making hence the extra roles we are providing as I want everyone to contribute and have a say in making the society greater! 

In conclusion...I have proven to be an efficient and well-liked president and would love to carry on the torch into my third and final year and I hope that you will all have me as your president again! :)