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Full-Time Officers

Full-Time Student Officers lead KCLSU and sit on the KCLSU Board of Trustees, the highest level of decision-making within the Union. Full-time officers represent the students' views both within the Union and University. They are crucial to ensuring student views are represented at senior levels of decision-making. The Full-Time Student Officer roles are full-time, paid positions. Due to this, applicants not currently in their final year will take a year out (often known as a sabbatical year).

You cannot stand for multiple Full-Time Student Officer positions in one election. You can stand for a Full-Time Student Officer position and an association committee position. However, if you win both, you must withdraw from one.

What does a Fulltime Student Officer do?

  • Engage with King's students
  • Represent King's Students
  • Attend senior-level University meetings
  • Act as Trustees of KCLSU
  • Build student communities
  • Amplify student voices
  • Empower student-led campaigning
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Student Trustees

As KCLSU is a charity, we are required to have trustees. As a Student Trustee, you'll sit on KCLSU's Trustee Board – deciding on the strategic future of KCLSU and making important legal and financial decisions about the charity. The skills you'll gain, such as negotiation abilities, risk assessment and budgeting, are attractive to future employers and will be a great addition to your CV. Being a trustee is a fantastic opportunity to gain invaluable skills and experience while helping improve our Union and student life.

Being a Student Trustee for KCLSU is a voluntary, part-time role, and all current King's students are eligible to be one. The Student Trustee role starts on 31 July 2024 and ends on 1 August 2025, but some training takes place in July. You must commit to this time frame to nominate yourself as a trustee. Some weeks are quiet with no work to review, but during a typical week when committees or the Board meeting are happening, you will need 2-3 hours to prepare.

All Student Trustees receive support to provide the information they need for the role, including being buddied with an Officer Trustee (one of our Ful-Time Officers). There are up to four Student Trustee positions available.

What does a Student Trustee do?

  • Attend up to six Trustee Board meetings during the term of office.
  • Join up to two specialist sub-committees (HR; Finance, Audit & Risk; Performance; Governance, Policy & Compliance; and Digital & Coms)
  • Make sure that KCLSU implements its 6-year strategy
  • Ensure that KCLSU complies with charity and financial regulations
  • Provide the lived experience of a King's student to inform decision-making.
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Student Group Committee Members

Kings College London Students' Union (KCLSU) has over 400 student groups split into Sports Clubs, Societies and Media. These groups range from KCL Football and the Harry Potter Society to the Medical Students Association and Roar News; there's something for everyone. These groups are led by their communities, which consist of members of each group, like you. If you are interested in joining your student group's 2023/24 committee, then you can nominate yourself in this election.

What does a Student Group Committee Member do?

  • Run the individual Sports, Societies and Media groups
  • Represent the views and opinions of student group members in crucial meetings
  • Manage group finances and set up group activities
  • Recieve training via KCLSU Community Leadership Training Course
  • Make positive, student-led changes
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Academic Association Committee Members

Academic Associations are the recognised student-led group of their respective student community within KCLSU, their department/faculty and the University. They act as a representative body and advocate for the needs of their peers, campaign for academic changes, and engage and build a community and a sense of belonging amongst their specific group. Academic Associations empower peers to collaborate to improve the student experience at a faculty level. Position holders work collaboratively with reps across the University to bring about change.

What does an Academic Associations Committee Member do?

  • Represent the views and opinions of student group members in crucial meetings
  • Work for positive academic changes for their peers
  • Attend key meetings at course, department and faculty levels
  • Make positive, student-led changes
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NUS Delegates

  • The NUS Delegate represents KCLSU at the NUS. They discuss and vote on motions to decide NUS policy, hear from NUS officers, and update the King’s community following the NUS conference. At the conference, they will convey King's students' views on a national scale as they talk about policies that will affect students' unions up and down the country.

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