Polling Questions

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I’m on a year abroad; can I vote?

  • Yes! All current students can vote. 

I’m a dormant student; can I vote?

  • As long as KCL classifies you as a current student, you will be able to nominate yourself. If you are in doubt, please reach out to [email protected].

Is voting in person or online?

  • Both! In-person voting is available throughout the day, and online voting is available from 8pm-8am.

How do I vote?

  • Please come to any of our on-campus polling stations, and you will be able to vote on a laptop provided. You’ll just need your student ID card or your K-number. Please also ensure you have a membership to the group you’d like to vote for! If you’d like to vote online, you can do this after 8pm on our website when logged into your KCLSU account.

How many votes do I need?

  • You’ll need one vote to be elected to a position. You can vote for yourself.

What voting system do you use?

  • We use the single transferable vote formula (STV), meaning that the voter ranks candidates in their order of preference on their ballot. Votes are initially allocated to the voter’s first preference. More information on how STV operates can be found here and here.