Committee Leader Questions

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What do I need to do to get my elections on the website?

  • Presidents & Treasurers had to update their spreadsheet with their 24-25 committee structure by Friday, 10 November. From 4 – 7 December, there will be an opportunity to check if your group’s election information on the website is accurate. Committee members received more information about this.

Can I do my elections internally?

  • No, KCLSU is responsible for holding all student group elections ( byelaw 5 and 9.8). This means that it is not possible to have your own elections; all positions must be elected during the KCLSU Elections.

Can I do my elections at a different time?

  • No. Student groups have to hold their elections with KCLSU, which is responsible for organising student group elections (by-laws 5 and 9.8). This means that all student groups will have their elections simultaneously.

Can I hold an interview process for candidates?

  • No. Elections must be democratic. Moreover, KCLSU is responsible for organising all student group elections (by-laws 5 and 9.8), which is done through a unified timeline and procedure. This means that all student groups will have their elections in the same way, and it is not possible to have any additional (s)election procedures.

Can I keep my position? Do I have to rerun?

  • The term of office for committee positions is one academic year (by-law 9.7). This means you must rerun if you want to be re-elected and keep your position.

Can I include eligibility requirements for different positions?

  • You can include any eligibility requirements in the role description section of your spreadsheet. However, remember that your eligibility requirements shouldn’t undermine democratic elections.  

When does the current committee finish in their roles?

The new committee takes over on 1 August, meaning the current committee’s last day is 31 July.