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Turn Up is a nationwide NUS campaign that encourages students to register to vote.  

Why is this important? 

There are new barriers that will make it harder for students and young people to vote. 

Under new laws set out by the government, it is now illegal for universities and colleges to block register students to vote. All voters also need physical ID to vote and student IDs and travel cards are not eligible.  

There are local council elections in May 2023 and a General Election will happen before the end of January 2025. 

Why does this matter to students? 

Our future will be built by the students and young people of today. But only if they are heard. 

Voting gives power, influence, and a stake in society. 

When politicians make decisions, they look at who is on the electoral register and who votes. So it is crucial that all young people and students are registered to vote. 

How do students register themselves to vote? 

Come to a student-led voter registration event on Tuesday, 23 April, in The Shack, from 10-5pm, and get a free pastry in return!

Anyone can register to vote online - http://gov.uk/register-to-vote 

It takes 5 minutes and all you need is your National Insurance number. 

Citizen Card - Free Photo ID for Students  

NUS has teamed up with Citizen Card to offer students a free voter ID. 

Anyone can get Photo ID from Citizen Card (usually £15) for free using to code 'NUS' or by visiting this link: https://www.citizencard.com/?m=nus 

Alternatively, students can apply for a Voter Authority Certificate if: 

  •  They don't have an accepted form of photo ID 
  • They’re not sure whether your photo ID still looks like you 
  • They're worried about using an existing form of ID for any other reason, such as the use of a gender marker. 

You need to register to vote before applying for a Voter Authority Certificate. 

Don't Miss Out 

The deadline to register to vote for local elections in England is 11:59pm on Monday, 17th April. 

Students can be registered to vote at two addresses - your term-time address and your home address. 

Get Involved 

If you want to get involved with this voter registeration campaign, email [email protected]