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King's Windows Change

By Ben Hunt, our current VP for Education Arts & Sciences, and KCLSU President 2016/17 

Today, five of the windows on the front of Strand have been changed to digital screens with rolling content.

KCLSU has received comments from students in the past about the lack of diversity among the individuals pictured on King’s windows, and whether this is the right way to represent all that the King’s community is and stands for.  When I was LGBT+ Officer, there was an ongoing campaign to have Lord Carey removed from the Strand windows, because of views he expressed on equal marriage and other things concerning the LGBT+ community. In the last year, because of this campaign, the university has worked with KCLSU to find an alternative approach to showcasing students and staff of King’s - both past and present - and to listen to the student concern over the campaign. The university is keen to modernise the way it communicates itself to the world and KCLSU wished to resolve the campaign, and thus the digital windows project was born. Five of the windows on the front of Strand are now digitised with new rotating content, and the university plans to extend a digital presence to each campus.

The new digital screens will showcase a wide variety of things that make up all the King’s community is and does, including student activity, research, fundraising activities and alumni successes.  We need to be an institution which doesn’t only represent the achievements of the past, but includes contributions from our students who are role-models today. Being a community isn’t just about people with huge global achievements, it’s also about the successes that religious societies and others have every year in raising money for charity. It’s about the role of liberation groups in fighting for changes, both locally and nationally. It’s about volunteering, activities and all the additional things students do that constitute us as a Union, and in Service of Society. That's what we'll seek to emphasise, as well as student content that comes forward from you in the future as this programme continues.

If you have any questions please email me.