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Officer Statement on the King's Rebrand

Posted by your Student Officer Team

Today, King’s College London announced its plans to rebrand its name for promotional purposes to “King’s London”. In the past 24 hours, over 7,000 students expressed their strong concern on this decision made by the University. You have made your voice loud and clear. As your Students’ Union, we hear you. We want the University to act upon your calls for a say.

We don’t believe King’s has done enough to consult current students. In the past few years, a number of students have been asked about the rebrand in focus groups. Nevertheless, not many of those students are still at King’s today and KCLSU wanted to see many more consulted.

As an Officer Team we are concerned by the way in which key university decisions are made and are communicated to students. On the issue of the rebrand, current and past KCLSU Presidents have tirelessly pushed at College Council* for wider consultation with students and open communication on the topic. We have expressed our concerns on changing a brand that has so much emotive value for students, staff and alumni. We do not feel these have been sufficiently listened to.

We fundamentally believe that a university is a community of learners and teachers, and that decisions should be made in a transparent, accountable way. We want the University to foster an environment in which all students feel they have a say in how our institution is run. Going forward, we will continue to campaign on this - both in terms of the rebrand and for other issues.

We want to make sure your views are heard and taken into account on this important issue. Looking ahead we will be holding an KCLSU open meeting on January 16 with the union on the topic of the University’s rebrand, so we can take your views forward.

*College Council is King’s College London’s highest governing body.