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King's Rebrand

Posted by Sebastiaan Debrouwere, President

As some of you may have heard in the Principal's Open Fora, King’s is going through a rebrand and will be changing its name to King’s London.

This is a pretty big, exciting change. My predecessors and I have been part of the steering group for the rebrand in the past years. We made sure that student views were taken into account, and that focus groups were held with a wide range of students. I'm really pleased that the outcomes of this project can now be shared.

We understand you might have concerns or questions around the rebrand, and we’ve worked with King’s to ensure that there is an FAQ that answers some of them. We’ll also continue to work with King’s over the coming months to make sure students are given information about how the new brand will affect you.

However, a rebrand and a name change is only part of what of what King’s is doing. For us at KCLSU it is crucial that the experience of students on the ground continues to improve. We will continue to campaign and make sure that King’s honours the bold statements in its new brand of being a world leading institution. In order to do this, they need to address issues that students have flagged via KCLSU and via the National Student Survey, such as assessment feedback, organisation, welfare issues and ethical investments.

KCLSU will be evolving its own brand in line with our Big Plan, our strategy for 2014-2019. Over the coming months we will be consulting widely with as many students as possible - so keep your eyes peeled if you want to get involved!


Edited to add on 16 December

The above post was written as I got off a plane with jet lag, and no sleep, so it doesn't accurately say what I intended it to say.

I want to reiterate that the rebrand is a university project. KCLSU Presidents over the last few years have been aware of the proposed rebrand through College Council, the College's governing body. On the College Council we are bound by confidentiality on matters discussed, including the brand.

Just like my predecessors, I've pushed throughout for the College to widely and openly consult on the rebranding exercise. We’ve continually stressed that the brand is an emotive issue for students, staff and alumni and that more open consultation should be undertaken. Fundamentally, as a student representative, I believe that universities have a duty to widely consult with students. Sadly, we have not been at liberty to carry out the consultation ourselves, as this is a project driven by the University, one we were bound by confidentiality to not discuss.

I didn't intend to express support for the proposals. The key message of the blog post was: We take note of the College proposals. We believe fundamentally the priority is to fix the experience of students and staff on the ground. Rebrand or not, that's what we will keep pushing for.

The above blog was planned to coincide with the College announcement, however, the announcement went out later than we were told it would. We will find out why this happened.

There are huge long-term issues at King's: access, financial hardship for students, insufficient welfare support and lack of student spaces, to name just a few. We've worked incredibly hard to see those resolved and that is what we will keep doing. Because things can and should be better at King's.