Keep Moving

Staying active and doing physical activity helps reduce stress and anxiety whilst improving mental and physical health overall. It’s very important that we keep doing some form of physical activity, no matter how big or small it is. Here are a few ideas to get moving from wherever you are!  

Some creative ways to keep you fit and healthy

At King's

Workouts with King’s Sport King’s Sport is providing free online classes for everyone. Classes include Yoga, Core, Zumba, Pilates, Meditation and HIIT. They also have wellness classes, including mindfulness, stretching and King’s Food cooking classes that you can access here.

Your peers recommend 

FitOn App (available for iOS and Android)

This app is free for students to download and it offers a wide range of activities taught by professional trainers, and the majority do not require any equipment, which makes it very convenient.  Some of the classes include yoga, Pilates, HIIT and cardio.  

Down Dog (available for iOS and Android)

The app is free until July 1st for students and the classes range from Yoga, Yoga for beginners, HIIT, Barre and 7-minute workouts. Download here!


They are all free of charge, and they have videos with different intensities and for different levels. They also have challenges which can make it more engaging for you and your uni friends!  

  1. Chloe Ting (high-intensity workouts) 
  2. Yoga with Adrienne (yoga)
  3. Pamela Reif 
  4. Blogilates