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Student Media

Student Media at KCLSU is the place where you can get involved with newspaper journalism, photography, radio and TV broadcasting whilst at university. We’re also here to give you a helping hand with any media projects you’re working on.

Getting involved will give you top experience for your CV and enhance your transferrable skills. We can provide you with the opportunity to work with any of our media groups (KCL Radio, KingsTV, Photographic Society, Kingspeak and Roar!). We'll also give you access to free equipment and dedicated space to use for your media project.



KCL Radio

KCLRadio is the Award winning radio station of KCLSU. They produce everything from Music podcasts to sports coverage and political debates. You can listen to them live over a King’s Wireless connection.

Awarded Silver for "Best Student Radio Station" at the Student Radio Awards 2016!

They always need people to help out: From presenting, working behind the scenes, and even working in Marketing and PR there’s an opportunity for everyone, experienced or not!

Get in touch:

Email: getyourvoiceheard@kclradio.co.uk

Twitter: @kclradio


Website: kclradio.co.uk

No elections are currently running


Here is the KCL Radio Committee 2016/17 voted for by KCL Radio Members.

Station Manager – Ines Belliard [Manifesto] - station.manager@kclradio.co.uk

Deputy Station Manager – Richard Neo [Manifesto]

Head of Entertainment – Alexander Adams [Manifesto]

Head of Music – Ying Bi Lee* [Manifesto]

Head of News – Tayyaba Fariq [Manifesto]

Head of Op & Treasurer – Ying Bi Lee* [Manifesto]

Head of Speech – Jonathan Combey [Manifesto]

Head of Sport – Samuel Skubala [Manifesto]

Publicity & Liaison Officer – Zahra Ahmad [Manifesto]

*Ying Bi Lee was succesfully elected into two roles but due to the nature of the roles and their similarities, she'll be fulfilling both positions.

The following positions were not filled.

Head of External Events – Not filled

Head of Production – Not filled

Head of Sponsorship & Sales – Not filled

Head of Tech – Not filled

Head of Website Content – Not filled

Programme Controller – Not filled


KingsTV is your student television station at King’s. KingsTV brings you the best coverage of all key events going on at King’s and KCLSU. They also make their own in house content; don’t miss ‘Made in King’s’.

Want to get into TV? KingsTV are looking for people who love challenge, are creative and want a future in journalism or media. 

Get in touch:

Email: contact@kingstv.london 

Facebook: /KingsTVLondon

Twitter: @KingsTVLondon

YouTube: /kingscollegelondontv

No elections are currently running


Here is the KingsTV Committee 2016/17 voted for by KingsTV Members.

Station Manager – Eleanor Daynes

Treasurer – Adam Green

Head of Programming – Michelle Barnette

Head of Marketing & PR – Siraj Patel

Scoial Sec – Carys Hughes

Head of Factual & News – Chloe Barry

Head of SU & Collaborations – Arunita Roy

Head of Entertainment – Megan Stewart

Head of Sports – Not filled

Head of Tech & Sound – Adam Green

Head of Post Production – Not filled

KCLSU Photosoc

KCLSU Photosoc is the place where you can learn more about Photography, get some practice, share photos you like, and meet other budding photographers!

Through various talks from external speakers and committee members, as well as small group workshops and outings, Photography Society can teach you to gain more control over your images and how to successfully process and edit them.

Meet ups usually take place on Thursday evenings at Guy’s campus but check out their website for up to date meeting info.


Get in touch:

Email: info@kclsuphotosoc.co.uk

Twitter: @kclsuphotosoc

Facebook: /KCLSU.Photosoc

Instagram: @kclsuphotosoc

No elections are currently running


Here is the PhotoSoc Committee 2016/17 voted for by PhotoSoc Members.

President – Vatsala Mishra

Treasurer – Ritika Mookerjee

Vice President – Madura Nandakumar

Technical & Kit Manager – Priya Chotai

Scoial Media Manager – Shivaani Yogalingam

Hiring Manager – Not filled

Events Manager – Not filled

Darkroom Manager – Not filled


Roar! News is King’s College London’s award-winning tabloid for students.

It leads the news agenda at the university with exclusive stories and classic tabloid campaigning, bringing students everything they need to know about life at King’s.

The paper’s award-winning website is read by tens of thousands of people from over 100 countries and is packed with news, comment, culture, science, sport and more.

Roar! is editorially independent of the university and the Students’ Union and is staffed entirely by students. The print edition is available at all four campuses as well as online.

The team consists of reporters, editors, sub-editors, photographers and designers. Roar! are always recruiting, so if you’re interested in getting involved, head over to bit.ly/ApplyToRoar for more. 

Membership to Roar News is open to everyone! If you're someone who's interested in improving your journalism skills, but you don't have a lot of experience, you can still join our group here!

ADVERTISE WITH ROAR - president@roarnews.co.uk

Get in touch:

Email: editor@roarnews.co.uk

Twitter: @roar_news

Facebook: /roarnews

Website: roarnews.co.uk

No elections are currently running


Here is the Roar News Committee 2016/17 voted for by Roar News Members.

Editor-in-chief (President) – Ryan Chang - editor@roarnews.co.uk

President (Treasurer) – Maria Geftar - president@roarnews.co.uk

President – Lory Wong - president@roarnews.co.uk

News Editor – Jennifer Creery - news@roarnews.co.uk



Get in touch:

Email: contact@kingspeak.co.uk

Twitter: @KingspeakSoc

Here is the Kingspeak Committee 2016/17 voted for by Kingspeak Members.

President – Nigel Nunes - president@kingspeak.co.uk

Treasurer – Umar Ali

Secretary – Brad Davies

Head of Content – Ahmad Madi

Social Media – Jamel Diop


Contact Us

Get in touch with our Student Activities Team

Email studentmedia@kclsu.org

Phone 020 7848 4588




Student Media Society Agreement 2016/17

KCLSU Student Media Agreement