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Activities Updates

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Want to find out about the latest funding opportunities, application deadlines or training sessions? Take a look! If you're looking for information on how to 'Start a Group' go here.


Funding: King's Community Fund

The fund is now open! The online application is available here. Check out the guidelines for more information, and contact activities@kclsu.org if you have any questions. You can apply from 11am Monday 13 February until 11am Monday 27 February. 

The fund, made possible by donations from King’s alumni, is there to support your ideas and projects for improving your King’s community or for being a part of something with other university students.

Whether you’re an individual with an idea, part of a group or a student representative, the King’s Community Fund is open to all. You can bid for between £750 and £5,000 for each project. The fund can cover things like equipment, promotional materials, conference/event costs and training. It’s there to help make an idea happen.

Activities Forum: 

The last Activities Forum took place on 14th February at 5:45pm, to read the minuets from this Forum click here. The actions that were taken because of your feedback in 2015/16 can be found here. 

Public Speaking Workshops:

If public speaking isn't your thing, check out this 4-workshop series by King's Wellbeing happening on Mondays from 12:30pm-2pm at Waterloo, FWB 1.11 starting on 20th March. Contact wellbeing@kcl.ac.uk with any questions or to sign up!

President and Treasurer (PAT) Training Conference:

The dates of the PAT Training Conference were 7th, 8th and 14th June. Every President and Treasurer of every ratified group must attend PAT Training. If your President or Treasurer hasn't attended the Conference, please have them contact activities@kclsu.org to get signed up for the alternate session. Have a question about PAT? Check out this FAQs page!