Make a difference

Make a Difference

KCLSU is every student at King's College London. We have the power to lead and shape our Union, for the benefit of all of us!

If there’s something you want to change about our Union, we call that an Idea.

If there’s something you want to change in the University or the wider world, we call that a Campaign.

Ideas – developing our Union

If there’s something in our Union you want to develop, improve or change for the benefit of King’s students, you can submit an idea for a project through union development. KCLSU’s President looks at all the Ideas and then allocates them to the most relevant committee of elected students, who will discuss your idea with you and help you form a team of students to deliver the project. That could be:

  • Activities
  • Interfaith
  • Sports
  • Sustainability
  • Welfare and Inclusion

These five committees of elected students will meet regularly through the year and those meetings are open to any student who’s interested in coming along. Each Idea will be introduced by the student who suggested it, and the committee will discuss it and can decide to approve or not approve the idea. 

Going forward, you will work with students to develop your idea, and have access to KCLSU staff and resources (eg rooms, marketing, information) to deliver the project. 

Send in your Idea or find out more.

Campaigns – changing KCL and society

By campaigning together through our Union, we’ve got the opportunity to get support and resources that will help the campaign to achieve its aims.

For a Campaign to become a KCLSU supported campaign, it needs our endorsement as students through an online petition.Campaigns can be endorsed by our Union or by a KCLSU Association - one of seven student communities. 

Once a Campaign is endorsed by enough of us to become a KCLSU supported campaign, the student(s) leading it will get guidance and support to put together their campaign strategy. Support could include skills training, resources, access to funding, or 1-2-1 meetings. Part of being a supported campaign is sharing actions, progress and successes with all of us through regular updates.  

As well as Campaigns endorsed through an online petition, campaign aims that were in the manifestos of elected students we voted for – Student Officers and Association leads – are also KCLSU supported campaigns.

Start a Campaign or find out more.