Campaigning at KCLSU is when we come together as students around a view or issue that affects us and others, with the aim to make a difference at King's and in the wider society.
Campaigning through our Union gives us the opportunity to receive the guidance, skills, resources and platform that will support us and help us deliver a campaign that reaches our goals. 

Here's how it works:

Start a Campaign or find out more.

As shown above, campaigns can be supported by our Union or by a KCLSU Association - one of seven student communities. Once you submit your campaign idea, we have to show our student support (endorsement) through signing an online petition. Once the petition has enough signatures, the campaign will receive guidance and support from KCLSU staff to create a strategy and deliver the goal. 

Submit your campaign idea here, and we can get started!

More information: 

  • Our Elected students' manifesto pledges are automatically supported by either KCLSU or the appropriate Association.
  • Check out our playbook to find out how to oppose a campaign and what is considered an active campaign.
  • Need inspiration? Here are some past campaigns by King's students. 
  • You can also read through the campaigns handbook and strategy document to get you thinking.

Up until September 2016, an elected Student Council set KCLSU campaign policy. Existing campaign policies that are currently inactive can be found here. If you’re interesting in picking up any of these campaigns, get in contact with our campaigns coordinator.

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