• Volleyball (Men) Associate Membership (Non-students)£76.00
  • Volleyball (Men) (Men's) Standard Membership£76.00
  • Volleyball (Men) Recreational Membership£20.00

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Volleyball (Men)

Who we are

Our KCL Men's Volleyball Club caters to volleyball players from all levels whether it be an advanced, intermediate or a beginner level. We have a Men's team that plays competitively in the BUCS league, London Varsity Series and Student Cup along with recreational sessions for beginner volleyball players to come have fun and improve their skills! We have a professional volleyball coach that is ready to help you up your game and bring our team to victory.




Full Address: Academy Sport, Torquay St, London W2 5EW

All are welcome to tryout for the team!


Member Benefits

Standard Membership (King's students only, tryout required)

  • Members are eligible for BUCS and LUSL volleyball games, with the club covering your coaching and travel costs. 
  • Members get free weekly coaching by a recognised professional.
  • Members gain access to a weekly strength and conditioning session
    • Members can also get a Performance Membership to use King's Sport's gym facilities at Strand, Waterloo and Guy's at a discounted price of £150
  • Get entry to tournaments/leagues including:
    • London Varsity Series - KCL vs UCL
    • BUCS Student Cup
    • BUCS League (1st division)
    • LUSL League (Mixed team)

Recreational Membership (King's students only)

  • Included in this membership is also the BeActive membership at a discounted price! (original £25) Details below!
  • Join us for our social events and our welcome event
  • Compete in LUSL games! (LUSL + Recreational Membership ONLY)
  • Included within this membership is an annual Beactive membership which will not only give you access to YOUR SPORT but also to the entire beactive timetable of over 50 classes/activities per week. For more information on the Beactive programme and to start booking sessions please visit -

Associate memberships (non-King's students or alumni)

  • ?For associate memberships (non-King's students), please email or get in contact with us via our Facebook page below!
  • Please note that ssociate members are not eligible for BUCS games

Our whole club is filled with friendly, social and committed members and would love for anyone at any level to join! 


Training Schedule

Men's 1st Team: Sundays 12:00 - 14:00 at Westminster Academy

Recreational Sessions: Tuesdays 15:30 - 17:00 at The Castle Centre


Reach Out To Us!

If you have any further questions about practices, games or the club in general, get in touch by sending a message on our facebook page! Don't forget to like and follow our page to stay up to date on our club's activities and results!

Facebook Page

Email President

Email Team Captain


Committee members

Captain: Grzegorz Kuczmara (Greg)

Vice-captain: Luka Kralj ( )

President: Zhi Jun Cheung (JJ)

Treasurer: Alessandro Benitani (21)

No elections are currently running


  • Volleyball (Men) Associate Membership (Non-students)£76.00
  • Volleyball (Men) (Men's) Standard Membership£76.00
  • Volleyball (Men) Recreational Membership£20.00

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