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The new King’s College London Fashion Society is about developing the interest and knowlegdge about fashion. One first activity of the society is to run networking events with people working in the fashion industry such as conferences and workshops but also social events (balls, pub and dinner socials, attending fashion-related events). The second focus of the society is on the development of KCL-only and intercollegiate fashion competitions (e.g fashion design contests, lookbook, competitions) using social media as a communication platform to post photos, thoughts and opinions. Finally we organize classes with guest speakers, teachers or artists to help members develop their fashion design skills and understanding. Being part of the society is a great way for all King’s students to meet other students who share the same interest for fashion and provides them with a wide range of events to enhance their skills, passion and opinions but also boost their social and professional relations.


  • Fashion Society Standard Membership£5.00
  • Fashion Society Associate Membership (Non-students)£5.00




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All memberships bought before the 31st of July will expire on the 31st of July. We advise that you wait until the 1st of August to purchase a membership.