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Russell Group Students' Unions: Our response to current arrangements for assessments and grading

KCLSU Officers

You may have seen that last week, Russell Group released a statement to say that they will not be considering the algorithmic academic protections that were included in the 2019-20 policy. As we mentioned in our update last week, we are working with other student leaders at students' unions across the country to reach an assessment and grading policy that is fair and suitable to all students during this difficult time. 

We are calling on Universities to recognise that all students continue to be affected by the pandemic. Any rejection of safety net policies because they apply to all students fails to recognise the aforementioned fact. We call upon universities to implement safety net policies that both apply to all students, no matter their background or course, and that take into account the individual challenges students have faced. We are also asking King's for mitigations that are specific to our students to help them the most, alongside national objectives.

You can read our full letter, which we have worked on in partnership with many other students' unions and their student leaders, to Russell Group's Chief Executive Dr Bradshaw and the Russell Group Vice-Chancellors below. 

Read the full letter here