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Momin statement against allegations

KCLSU Presidents asks students to come together to fight bigotry and hatred in response to allegations.

Photo of Momin Saqib, KCLSU President Pictured: Momin Saqib, KCLSU President

Whilst running for the post of NUS President, KCLSU’s President Momin Saqib has recently been accused of tolerating anti-semitism. Momin strongly refutes these allegations and asks for all students to come together to fight all kinds of bigotry and hatred across our campuses.

Responding to the allegations Momin said, “These harassment and bullying tactics represent the dirty politics I stood against in the NUS elections. I am deeply hurt by these allegations as I have always put students first irrespective of their personal beliefs or backgrounds. I have been endorsed by various societies at King’s including the Israeli society, Islamic society and entrepreneur’s society for my current role as president. I have endeavoured to include students from all demographics and backgrounds and I take my responsibilities as the representative of all thirty thousand students of King’s College London very seriously. I strongly refute the allegation that I have acted to marginalise any students on campus.”

Momin added that “anti-semitism, islamophobia, bigotry and hatred of all kinds needs to be tackled collectively by students coming together to fight these issues. I have always worked on bringing communities together and making the university accessible and inclusive for all and ask all students to join me in this fight against bigotry and hatred on our campuses.”