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Champion Hill Relocation Update

KCLSU Student officers

Last week, we talked about the Champion Hill relocations taking place. We recognise that this comes at a difficult time. The key for us has been to ensure students’ safety and we, the KCLSU Student officer team, are happy that this has taken priority.

Students that are being relocated were told the news last week after ensuring face to face services were put in place to support them. The provisions and support the University is offering students is thoroughly detailed here - this includes a range of housing/accommodation arrangements, support with moving and other additional costs being covered.

King's is also working internally to ensure students are not impacted academically and we are in regular contact with them about this. KCLSU also offers free, impartial and confidential advice to students if they feel this is affecting their studies.

We, the KCLSU Student Officer team, have also gone to Champion Hill to assist students with any queries and help they might need. We will continue our visits this week as students find their relocation choices.

We will continue to make sure that the students are receiving all the help and resources that the university promised and make sure the process is carried out safely and smoothly.