Macadam Cup 2017

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Congratulations to GKT who won the Macadam Cup!

Ultimate Frisbee Rugby Pitch   11am
Tennis Tennis/Netball Courts 11am
Cricket  Astro 2 12pm
Men’s Rugby  Rugby Pitch 2pm
Men’s Football   Football Pitch 2pm
Women’s Hockey  Astro 1  3pm
Lacrosse     Astro 2   3:30pm
Women’s Rugby     Rugby Pitch     4pm
Women’s Football   Football Pitch 4pm
Netball   Tennis/Netball Courts  4pm
Kabaddi Mini-Football Pitch 6pm
Men’s Hockey   Astro 1   5pm


Off site competitions 

Climbing  Regular Wednesday night session  
Swimming Pool KCL Win
Water Polo Pool KCL Win
Fencing Wednesday 29 at Downside Fisher 2 PM


In 2016, teams competed in 11 sports, with KCL being crowned winner. Thank you to everyone who took part and all of you who came to watch, it wouldn't have happened without you.


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