Widening Participation

Are you interested in expanding young people’s opportunities and making a real difference to a young person’s life? If so, getting involved with Widening Participation (WP) Outreach is for you!

What is Widening Participation?

Here at KCLSU we believe that your background shouldn’t stop you from applying to university, unfortunately at the moment access to university is not a level playing field:

  • Just 6% of care-experienced young people progress onto Higher Education, compared with 38% of the general population.
  • In one academic year, five elite schools got the same amount of students into Oxbridge as 1,800 state schools combined.
  • Just one in 50 students receiving free school meals get a place at a Russell Group.

We want to encourage as many King’s students to deliver WP outreach to help inspire young people across London, who would not traditionally consider university, to believe that Higher Education could be a future pathway for them.

The best way to do this is to give potential students a hands-on experience of university life and to meet people like themselves who have gone onto study at university.

What would you like to deliver?

Before delivering any outreach, you’ll need to make sure that a similar WP Outreach project you wish to deliver isn’t already happening; here is a full list of opportunities already available and their descriptions.

If you can't find the project you're looking for, you’ll then need to arrange a first meeting with KCLSU to discuss your ideas, so that we can help your WP project take shape. Have a look at our how to guide to help you shape your ideas if you'd like to think about them before you book in time with us. 

The volunteers responsible for delivering the Outreach project will need to commit to these to completing these three steps:

  • A Disclosure and Barring Service (DBS) check
  • KCLSU Child Protection training
  • The online Evaluation Form (post event)

What makes it a WP project?

You’ll then need to design your project, ensuring it is relevant to the age group you want to work with, relate to your society and it must encourage fair access to university. It must also include at least one of the criteria below:

  • Be at a school based in a low-participation neighbourhood
  • Be with one of King’s College London Widening Participation Department’s target schools
  • Be with a virtual school for care-experienced people
  • Be with students from black and ethnic minority backgrounds
  • Be with young people whose parents didn’t go to university
  • Be held at community centres in low participation neighbourhood