Wellbeing at KCLSU

Wellbeing at KCLSU is all about discovering who we are and what makes us thrive. We all have incredible potential that we can fulfil best when our physical and mental wellbeing is flourishing.

We believe that by supporting, empowering and growing student-led spaces of wellbeing, we can create a happier, healthier community together at KCLSU and beyond.

Wellbeing at KCLSU is a partnership with student-led initiatives and King’s Wellbeing that focuses on using the holistic ‘King’s Way to Wellbeing’ as a framework to take a positive and proactive approach to our wellbeing.

Upcoming Wellbeing events

The Break Out - Take Time Out
21st April 3pm - 4pm
Hyde Park
Free Outdoor Escape Game in Hyde Park!
Doggy de-stress - Take Time Out special
1st May noon - 2pm
AR1, West Wing, Guy's Campus