Student Activity Groups


Development Fund

Development Funding is available to all KCLSU Activity Groups and Societies. The funds can be used for groups to carry out normal core activities, new projects, Liberation History months, Wellbeing Initiatives or KCLSU Events (i.e. Welcome, One World, etc.). 

Please note: Student Activity Groups and Societies are able to apply for funding for all of the above. Sports Clubs are able to apply for funding for Wellbeing Initiatives, Liberation History months or KCLSU Events (i.e Welcome, One World, etc.) Associations are welcome to apply for funding towards Liberation History month activities only.

Here’s an idea of what you can ask for in this funding application:

  • Stationery, photocopy, printing and publicity costs
  • Speaker or trainer costs
  • Audio-visual and equipment hire
  • Facility hire
  • General running costs
  • Theatre productions (however we cannot fund props)
  • Affiliations and Competitions

We will not consider funding any of the following: gifts for speakers, prizes, group/committee t-shirts, props, food/drink (including alcohol), props for shows, costumes for shows. 

Your application should seek to benefit and enhance your group, the wider community and KCLSU as a whole. It should also contribute towards KCLSU’s mission and aims:

KCLSU Mission: Together with our members, we are a union of students where individuals connect, have fun, build communities, share experiences and make change.

If applying for Liberation History Months, please make sure your initiative also contributes towards our aims for Liberation History Months:

  • Allow people to explore the current and/or historical oppression of the liberation group.
  • Celebrate the achievements so far in the fight for liberation.
  • Challenge racism/sexism/genderism/hetero sexism/ableism/classism.
  • Contribute towards building a strong, diverse and vibrant King’s community

Applications are open during the following application windows:

  • Window 1: 9th July - 6th August 12pm
  • Window 2: 1st October - 19th October 12pm
  • Window 3: 7th Jan - 28th February 12pm - FUNDING FOR LGBT+ HISTORY MONTH: 15th December - 15th January 
Please note the following information when applying for funding:
  • Grants will be considered for a total sum up to £800. Requests for Liberation History Month initiatives should not exceed £150. 
  • Applications should be completed online and will be considered by the Student Activities Committee made up of elected student members and the VP of Activities & Development. Liberation History Month initiatives will be considered by the Student Welfare Committee made up of elected student Association leads.
  • Groups will be notified of their application's outcome two weeks after application deadline.
  • Groups can apply for up to five initiatives during each application window; the term ‘initiative’ indicates any work your group is doing for one specific aim. For example, any funding needed to support your normal core activities would be considered one ‘initiative’ whilst funding needed to undertake a new project would be considered a separate ‘initiative’.

This document is a breakdown of all of the questions found in the Development Fund application form, including some tips. Click here to download and read through before you apply.


Widening Participation Fund

The WP fund is for any KCL students or student groups who would like to run a WP Outreach Project. You can apply to the fund by filling out the application form and returning it before midday on the 5th of December.

You can apply for up to £500 of funding to get your project going. We are looking for creative, out of the box, innovative and imaginative projects so get your thinking caps on. Whether that’s working in a local community centre or primary school we want to hear your ideas.

Before applying to the fund it is a good idea to ensure it means the aims of Widening Participation. You’ll also need to ensure that a member of your society attends the Safeguarding training, dates of which will be sent to you once you hand your application in. You can complete the training once your application has been handed in, so please don’t let this hold you back! Have a look at what has been done before and for more ideas have a look at the WP Project Guidelines.

If you have any questions about the fund or your ideas please contact

Kings Community Fund

 The King's Community Fund is is now closed. 

The fund is made possible through donations from King’s alumni and is there to support ideas and projects aimed at improving our King’s community or for being part of something with fellow students. We can apply as individuals, groups or student representatives.

Applicants can bid for between £750 and £10,000 for each project. The fund can cover things like equipment, promotional materials, conference/event costs and training. It’s there to help make an idea happen.

Check out the guidelines for more information, and contact with any questions. 

The Global Lounge Fund

The Global Lounge Fund opens at 11am Monday, 16 October and closes 11am Friday 6 November. This funding opportunity is now closed. 

The Global Lounge is a series of inclusive, welcoming events that help students feel at home in their King's community. Groups are encouraged to participate in the Global Lounge by holding initiatives that create inclusive spaces and foster a sense of belonging for all students from 27 November 2017 – 5 January 2018. Grants can be allocated to fund any items or experiences (excluding alcohol) that will go towards this goal. We can bid for up to £200 for a Global Lounge event. 

Contact with any questions about this funding opportunity.