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Monday : 11.30AM - 11PM

Tuesday: 11.30AM- 12PM

Wednesday: 11.30AM- 2AM

Thursday: 11.30AM to 11PM
Friday: 11.30AM - 02AM
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Guy's Bar

Guy's Bar is the place on campus for our daily meals, after hours drinks and regular student events. We've just undergone a massive renovation giving the bar a spiffy new look. The menu has been updated and is being overseen by a new chef, Atilla, and it's frankly delicious. What's more, it's entirely student owned which means anything we spend goes back into our own services and we can book the space for group or private events anytime we want! We've got a special, and very tasty, exam eats menu, which is carefully formulated to feed your soul while giving your brain the boost it needs for peak performance.





New In!

Guy's Bar Milkshakes 

We have heard your prayers, milkshakes  at Guy's Bar are real! 

More than 5 flavours to choose, and the possibility to add some jazzy shots to your hard shake

Soft Shakes £4

  • Chocolate Chipster-Vanilla, cookies
  • Extreme salted caramel-Salted caramel, pretzels, caramel sauce
  • Elvis-Banana, peanut butter, topped up with rich chocolate sauce
  • Ore- Oh My Gosh!-Oreo cookies, rich chocolate sauce, chocolate sprinkles

Hard Shakes £5.5

  • Colonel Parker-Jack Daniels, vanilla, peanut butter
  • Pirates Paradise- Captain Morgan, banana, maple syrup
  • True Blue-Vanilla, blue berries, Amaretto Disaronno
  • Dalmatian -Bailey’s, vanilla, Oreo cookies

What's On

There are currently no events listed


The NUS Card will get you lots of amazing discounts both inside and outside of KCLSU. If you bring your NUS card to The Guy's Bar you'll be able to get

  • 10% off Guy's Bar between 12pm and 2pm
  • 10% off Guy's Bar between 5pm and 9pm

The beauty of owning our own bar as students is we can hire it for our private events at rates that are unheard of in London. Whether it's an intimate gathering of friends or a party for a few hundred people, Guy's Bar can help make it happen in style.Contact us with the details of your event and we will give you a quotation!

  • Address: Boland House, Guy's Campus, London SE1 9RT
  • P: 020 7848 6800
  • E:


Guy's Bar

Boland House, Guy’s Campus,
London, SE1 9RT