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Guy's Bar

Guy's Bar is the place on campus for our daily meals, after hours drinks and regular student events. We've just undergone a massive renovation giving the bar a spiffy new look. The menu has been updated and is being overseen by a new chef, Atilla, and it's frankly delicious. What's more, it's entirely student owned which means anything we spend goes back into our own services and we can book the space for group or private events anytime we want! We've got a special, and very tasty, exam eats menu, which is carefully formulated to feed your soul while giving your brain the boost it needs for peak performance.





Staff Choice

Guy's Bar Burgers

All our burgers are fresh, 100% pure beef or Halal chicken breast and come served on a brioche burger bun, (unless you prefer your burgers skinny), with lettuce, tomato, onion, cucumber and gherkin.


What's On

Guys Comedy Club
28th September 8pm - 10pm
Guys Bar
Experience it. Enjoy it. Just don't fall for it.
Pub Quiz
3rd October 7pm - 10pm
Guy's Bar
Come over to Guy's Bar to show off what you know, win some prizes and get great food and drinks deals!
Guy's Bar Bingo to the Beat
5th October 7pm - 10pm
Guy's Bar
Get your dabbers out for one of Guy's Bars most toe tapping events and bingo to the beat!
Pub Quiz
10th October 7pm - 10pm
Guy's Bar
Come over to Guy's Bar to show off what you know, win some prizes and get great food and drinks deals!


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The beauty of owning our own bar as students is we can hire it for our private events at rates that are unheard of in London. Whether it's an intimate gathering of friends or a party for a few hundred people, Waterfront Bar & Kitchen can help make it happen in style. What's more, if we're booking with a KCLSU student society, activity group or sports club, we won't be charged a hire fee.


Guy Bar

Boland House, Guy’s Campus,
London, SE1 9RT



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