Hang out at KCLSU

Here at KCLSU, we pride ourselves on our spaces. We’ve got five fantastic venues for you to chill out in, have a drink, eat some great food and hang with your friends. Students own the Union venues which mean anything we spend goes back into services for us. It also means we can book the spaces for our own events at really great rates. Click below for details on each venue.


By us, for us

All our venues are student owned which means everything we earn goes back into facilities and services for us.  

London Living Wage

We pay the London Living Wage at all our venues and have been doing so since 2014. Most of our venue staff are students and we also benefit from this policy.

Ethical Policy

We operate under an Ethical Policy. This means we’re committed to sustainability in our operations, supply chain, employment practices and banking.

Drink awareness

KCLSU promotes responsible drinking. Go to drinkaware.co.uk for the facts about alcohol.