KCLSU Film Festival

25th - 29th March

KCLSU's first ever film festival!

This is a week-long series of events celebrating and encouraging the work of students at King’s or those involved in film and TV.

Want to learn about making films?

There will be workshops hosted by student groups as well as flagship KCLSU events. The festival will give students the opportunity to try film/tv making, scriptwriting and acting among other things.

Want to network with other filmmakers?

This is your chance to meet other filmmakers, get inspired, collaborate and forge a solid network in the fied.

Want to watch cool films?

You don't have to be a filmmaker to appreciate a good film! Look out for screenings throughout the week.

KCLSU Film Festival banner

Learn about making films

The following events feature workshops for film/tv making, scriptwriting, acting, and other ares of the craft of filmmaking. See all events

Network with other filmmakers

There is nothing more important in the film industry than building a strong network. Meet fellow students in the field. See all events

Film screenings

Want to watch cool films? We have a variety of screenings throughout the week See all events