Event Description

Saturday 09 November 2019

8am - 6pm

Denmark Hill, 10 Cutcombe Road, Weston Education Centre, London, United Kingdom, London SE5 9RJ


Weekend: 9/11/2019 8am to 10/11/2019 6pm 

Introducing KINSC 2019: 

The KCL International Neurosurgical Conference returns for a third year, reconvening medical students and doctors-in-training as the incoming generation of neurosurgery enthusiasts, supported by a global network of the field’s luminaries. 

With the promised return of stimulating keynote lectures, practical workshops, neurosurgical simulations employing virtual reality, career-development sessions and teaching scenarios, our old and new delegates will find novel opportunities to engage with at the frontiers of neurosurgery. 

As ever, we are grateful for the invaluable support of world-renowned consultants and registrars who bring their admirable experience to the conference faculty, in particular, members of the King’s College Hospital Neurosurgery Department, who kindly guide and support the KCL Neurosurgery Society in our endeavours. 

KCL Neurosurgery Society
Twitter: @KCLneurosurgery
Instagram: @kclneurosurgerysociety



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