Sweeney Todd

Thursday 28 March 2019

Sweeney Todd



Thursday 28 March 2019
7pm - 9pm
Greenwood theatre


£10.00 (Standard)
£7.00 (Student)

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Sweeney Todd

Attend the tale of the infamous barber, Sweeney Todd. 

Wrongfully indicted and sent into exile, Benjamin Barker returns to London under the pseudonym Sweeney Todd, with one thing on his mind ………Revenge!! When a man, so wronged in life, comes home to no livelihood, no family; When the judge that charged him has since taken advantage of his wife, who has now poisoned herself; When his only daughter is under the judge’s watchful eye – what happens when all this bubbles to the surface? Join Sweeney Todd, as he unites forces with pie shop owner, Mrs. Lovett, and the two slice their way through 19th Century London, shaving down the population, while the pie business grows increasingly popular…..

Murder, Love and Cannibalism can all be found in this extraordinary musical, peppered with so many tasty, thrilling and theatrical scenes that would simultaneously shock, awe and delight any audience.
Sweeney Todd - Peter Adamson
Mrs. Lovett - Natasha Jeffrey
Anthony Hope - Ryan McNally
Johanna - Alaw Henderson
Beggar Woman - Emily Sandoval
Tobias Ragg - Owen Wardle
Judge Turpin - Laurence Beal
Beadle Bamford - Gavin Meichan
Adolpho Pirelli - Alfie Mitchell
Jonas Fogg - Scott Harvey
Bertie Ensor-Clinch
Claudia Lau
Darryn Williams
Emily Blair
Georgie Entwisle
James Buxton
Jess Smith
Sam Southern
Wendy Miles
Production Team: 
Director: Tom Howard
Musical Directors: Ben Mark Turner and Stefan Cunningham
Producer: Gusta Matthews
Choreographer: Jessica Little
Stage Manager: Christina Radukic