Event Description

Monday 23 May 2022

8am - 8pm


Life after graduation can be an overwhelming moment in a young person’s life, especially if you graduate in your early to mid-twenties. At the same time, it can be an equally exciting new chapter in your life that you can make the most of with proper preparation. And that’s exactly why King’s Student Money Mentors will be running a weeklong campaign during the week of 23rd May 2022 where we’ll have lots of goodies to give away, as well as games and of course crucial information and conversations! We will be exploring all the different areas of ‘adulthood’ students might want to consider after they graduate, so we are calling it ’What Comes Next’!

So, what’s involved in our campaign?

Once you graduate, your entire world will open up to new prospects, new opportunities, as well as new challenges and new obstacles. If you identify some of them, you can prepare yourself better both for what you expect, and what you don’t.

The campaign will be encouraging students to think about things such as paying taxes, understanding payslips, setting up new bank accounts, housing, types of support and countless other opportunities the world has to offer!

We hope that once you have engaged with the campaign, it will help you think about aspects of life after graduation which you may not have thought about or maybe you have but weren’t sure where to go to find out more.

The campaign will be focusing on five main themes:

1.      Monday 23rd May 2022- Financial obligations/repayments - (delivered via social media and stalls with Money Mentors and Advisors at Waterloo, FWB Library Alcove)

Understanding your payslip, student loan repayments, debt, pension


2.      Tuesday 24th May 2022 - Government support (delivered via social media)

Various welfare benefits you may be eligible for, childcare if you have children or planning to have children, marriage allowance if you get married


3.      Wednesday 25th May 2022 - Banking (Delivered via social media)

Budgeting, savings, how banking is different to student bank accounts


4.     Thursday 26th May 2022 - Housing (Delivered via social media and stalls with Money Mentors and Advisors at Strand)

Renting, mortgages, council tax, credit scores


5.     Friday 27th May 2022 - A world of opportunities (Delivered through social media)

Other courses, study further in higher education, graduate schemes, self-employed, making money through other streams, take a break and maybe go travelling


Just to add to the mix we will be having an ‘Adulting 101’ workshop and Q&A session with KCL Student Money Mentors taking place via Teams on Wednesday 23rd May 2022 (11am-12pm & 3pm-4pm). To register for the AM session click here  and to register for the PM session click here.


Keep an eye on our InstagramFacebookTwitter and Blog for further information on this fantastic campaign!



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