Welcome to the Annual General Meeting 2020!

Opening Statement from the Chair, Shaswat Jain

Welcome to the very first digital KCLSU Annual General Meeting! This AGM will be taking place over 5 days (Monday 1 June – Friday 5 June) to make sure that all our members have the opportunity to take part. You’ll have the opportunity to watch video updates, take part in the discussion, vote, and submit questions to us, your Officers, all right here at this AGM hub.

The agenda for the AGM is:

  1. Approve the Special Resolution to move student trustees from an election process to a selection process.
  2. Receive the Trustees’ Annual Report and Accounts for year ended 31/07/2019
  3. Receive the Student Officer reports and Q&A
  4. Approve the Audit Selection Process
  5. Approve the minutes from the last AGM
Cast your vote Officer reports

You can find the full agenda of the AGM here. If you have any queries you can get in contact with us via representation@kclsu.org

What is the AGM?

KCLSU is a member-led, democratic charity, so it’s really important that our members (all King’s students) decide what the Union does. Every year at the KCLSU Annual General Meeting, you have the opportunity to put questions to the KCLSU Trustee Board. There are presentations and discussions held about the organisation’s performance and published Annual Report and Accounts. You also have the opportunity to ask questions to the Student Officers after they give their reports.

Special Resolution

The special resolution is a proposal from the KCLSU Board of Trustees. They are proposing to move student trustees from an election process to a selection process. Watch the video below to hear the rationale from the board on this.


Watch this video where your President, Shaswat, and Vice President Postgraduate, Nafiza, explain the rationale behind this.


You can find the full rationale here.

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Let's discuss the Student Trustee Proposal

Use the comment box below to start a discussion on the student trustee proposal.

Kabir Sodhi
5:09pm on 4 Jun 20 Hi, this special resolution strikes me as un-democratic. When the students don’t get to choose who represents them, and these selections aren’t made by the entire student body, there is a risk that selections will be made in favour of the board of trustees, which would weaken the student voice in what is frankly, hardly a representative student union. Therefore, my question is - what are the motives behind this change and how would you ensure that the student voice still maintains its importance?
Rhiannon Byers
9:17am on 4 Jun 20 Hi, I support this change based on the rationale shared but it would be helpful to know, how does this compare to other University Student Unions' approach to student trustee selection. Which is more common across the University Student Union population - selection, or election? If they even have student trustees at all.
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Contact Us

If you have any questions, please email representation@kclsu.org and we’ll help. You can read the full minutes of the AGM 2019 here.