Demilitarise Kings

  • Ensure that King's divests from arms companies and companies that are complicit in human right abuses/have connections with rogue states or states that break international law.
  • Ensure that funding for projects. scholarships etc. don't come from unethical sources (like those listed above)
  • Ensure that narrative on campus doesn't glorify war

Campaign Impact

The campaign obtained support across the student body and staged some high profile actions including a die in at the launch of Kings Vision 2029. The campaign raised awareness of the issues to the senior leadership of the University and had members of the campaign sitting on King’s Investment Subcommittee.

How will the campaign impact King's students?

  • Allows students to be more involved and knowledgeable with regards to how their money is being spent, and how their university is acting on a global scale
  • Will improve King's reputation, and make students and alumni proud to be associated with it

Which students at King's will the campaign impact?

All students. Students are the heart of King's and how the university acts, and where it puts its (i.e. students') money impacts the reputation and experience of all those that are part of the King's community.

Who should support the campaign?

All members of KCLSU.
Members of the Disabled Students' Association, International Students' Association, Mature Students' Association,  People of Colour Association, Widening Particiation Association, Womens' Association.

Campaign Update

You can find out more about the campaign on their Facebook page.
Please note this link will take you to an external site that is not moderated by KCLSU

Campaign Leads

  • Student representatives for SRIRC (Socially Responsible Investment Review Committee)

Call Referendum

If you object to this campaign being supported by KCLSU, you can call for a referendum to overturn the support for this campaign.