Keep It Real

Our mission is to get KCL to confirm an imminent return to in-person teaching so that KCL students do not miss out on the real student experience.


Campaign objectives

  • To get KCL to commit to a full return to on campus in person teaching (with an option to continue studying virtually).
  • To make clear to students the criteria that will need to be met for King’s to return to full in person teaching, and to be transparent about what the benefits are of maintaining lectures as online only.
  • While lectures remain online, to make clear to prospective students when applying how many in person contact hours they can expect to have on their course.
  • How will the campaign impact King’s students?

    King’s has announced that it will continue to pursue a blended learning approach for the coming academic term, with large lectures remaining online. They have not indicated how long this will last or how they plan to make decisions around when to return fully to in person teaching.

    Manchester University have now announced that they intend to permanently keep lectures online, claiming that it has benefits for both staff and students. Students at King’s are concerned that their university intends to replicate this move.

    For many students large lectures form the majority of their course, meaning they will have very few opportunities to meet their peers. This will have a detrimental effect on student wellbeing, sense of community and the overall educational experience.

    While there are accessibility benefits to online lectures, students ought to have the choice to attend in person lectures or to participate virtually.

    This campaign aims to give students at King’s clarity about what quality of educational experience they can expect from their university, and to ensure that the strong student desire for in-person lectures is heard by the University.

    Campaign Organiser

    Joseph Wiltshire (student campaigner)

    Email: [email protected]