The Vault Bar and Restaurant

Just like Waterfront Bar and KitchenThe Vault is a bar, restaurant and nightclub , and will serve food right through from breakfast to dinner, with lots of activities and day/night events, including club nights and opportunity for private hire.

The Vault KCLSU

Where we'll find The Vault

  • In the Undercroft of Bush House South East Wing

The Vault is a basement space - Perfect for those parties, club nights and the vast range of events our Union bars are known for. It also sits in a food court, with other King's food outlets with enough seating for all of us!

What The Vault might look like


Will The Vault be different from The Waterfront?

Like Waterfront, the Vault will take us through the day from breakfast to club hours with great food and drinks, friendly prices, and fun activities. However The Vault will occupy a much bigger space at Bush House than Waterfront currently does on the second floor of Macadam, giving us the opportunity to increase our seating capacity and range of activities.

When does The Vault open at Bush House?

The Vault will be open in 2018. Until then, Waterfront Bar and Kitchen and Philosophy Bar will continue to be our Union bars of choice at Strand.